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About Us

Kıztaşı Medical Center was established in accordance with international standards to provide medical services and is licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health in Istanbul in 2012 in the Fatih district.

Today, our center has the first footprint in the field of health care sector of all kinds and plastic surgeries, and we are very proud of providing the best quality services to thousands of patients in Turkey and around the world. The high quality of our center is our first source of pride.

What the Kıztashi Medical Center has achieved today through the presence of the best staff, doctors, nurses and beauticians in all applications used in the center and through the use of the latest advanced technologies and the most effective medical devices together makes it a source of trust for patients at all times and this gives it Get to the perfect point in the field.

We always strive to develop for you, and we seek to expand more and more in new locations to maintain our continuity. What matters most to us is your happiness and providing you with the best results in the health and aesthetic aspect. To this end, we work tirelessly to provide you with the best service.

Emarim Radyoloji

Our Services

3 Tesla MRI

Thanks to 3 tesla mr Technology, it is possible for patients to achieve the desired quality results...

Uterus Movie

With the help of equipped devices, the structure and properties of the uterus and its canals are

Dental Tomography

It is a device that transfers the data obtained from the jaw and tooth region to a digital environme

Bone Densitometry

The test used today to evaluate the loss of bone density is called bone densitometry

Digital Angiography

Digital angiography, called DSA, is a device used for detailed imaging of all vessels on the body

Digital Mammography

Magnetic resonance devices have an important feature in diagnosing diseases. Thanks to these devices

Emarim Radyoloji


Play Video

You can have a photo shoot with sedation under the supervision of a doctor or taking a relative with you.

Yes. Your doctor should issue you a request for which area to be examined and how.

With a small needle, it is injected into the vein from the arm or hand. There may be a slight cooling sensation during the injection. Like anything given to the body, Gadolinium has a slight risk of allergies.

Emarim Radyoloji

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